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Swat Team Pest Control will eliminate all types of roaches from your home;
as needed and quarterly options are available.

Quarterly Plans

Our Offers

Plan 1

Every three months Swat Team Pest Control will come and treat the perimeter of your residence and inside at potential access points of your home. This will protect and prevent pest such as roaches (excluding German), ants, spiders, and wasps. Pricing is based on size of area being treated. Initial price will be given with quote request.

Plan 2

Every three months Swat Team Pest Control will come and provide barrier control inside (as needed) and outside for general pest. This includes all roaches, rodents, spiders, ants, and wasps. Plan 2 also includes 1 complete yard treatment with granules to protect against ants and other yard pest. Plan 2 also includes 2 mosquito treatments a year. Pricing will depend on size of home. Yard treatments over 1/4 acre will increase pricing. Call us for details.

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